Atlas of the city of Boston: City Proper : Plate F



G1234.B6 B7 1883 v.1

Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center

Original Record


G.W. Bromley & Company’s “Atlas of the city of Boston: City Proper.” This excerpt shows Smith Court, off Joy Street, in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston. It notes the African Meeting House as the “Colored Bapt[ist] Ch[urch]” and the Smith School.

Smith Court Stories

Smith Court Stories is a collaborative project of the Museum of African American History and Boston African American National Historic Site – a unit of the National Parks of Boston.

The creators of Smith Court Stories acknowledge that Smith Court in Beacon Hill sits on the unceded territory of the Massachusett Peoples, and their neighbors the Wampanoag and Nipmuc Peoples. We recognize these communities have stewarded this land for hundreds of generations.